Established in the year 1959, Therachem Laboratories is a pharmaceutical manufacturer / wholesaler based in India distributing a full range of branded, controlled and rare to find pharmaceutical products. We are licensed by Food and Drug Administrator , Mumbai Maharashtra, India as a registered manufacturer / Wholesaler and Exporters of Pharmaceutical Products.

We are a professionally managed fast growing company among the spectrum of Indian pharmaceutical companies which are spreading their wings across the globe.

Our Mission
To provide quality health care to all strata's of society across the globe.

Our Markets:

Our primary markets consist of underdeveloped and developing countries of Asia, Middle East and Africa

Home Market
In our home market in India, we distribute pharmaceuticals to other pharmaceutical wholesalers as well as to major pharmacy retail multiples across the country.

Our Customers
Our customer-base consists of the following types of organisations:

- Wholesalers and Distributors
- Re-exporters
- CRO (Contract Research Organisation)
- Hospitals or treatment administration sites
- Clinical Organisations
- Government Institutions

Our Guarantee
We guarantee that our products are 100% genuine.

We also guarantee that

We will supply from the same lot or batch to maintain consistent efficacy.

When orders are substantial in quantity it would be possible for us to provide you with evidence of source. We can provide some or all of the information below:

- Samples of the product [on request and at cost]
- Pictures of the product
- Pedigree information
- Certificate of Analysis


Where can your products be used and resold ?
You can re-sell our products to any part of the world, however, the use our products are restricted to the countries of Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America.

The population distribution of the world is:

Asia - 3,879,000,000 people (60.64% of the world's population)
Middle East and Africa - 877,500,000 people (13.72% of the world's population)
South America - 379,500,000 people (5.93% of the world's population)

So our products can be used by over 80.29% of the world's population.

Why should we purchase from India ?
If you are looking at re-exporting the products to developing and under-developed nations then there are three good reasons to purchase from India:

- More than 95% products in India are labelled either in English language or are bi-lingual in English and another vernacular language. English thus bridges the language      gap and meets a key requirement in the destination country.
- India is Tier 3 country and so its products can be used in most developing and under-developed nations.
- Due to India's large population and establishments of several multinational companies there, the availability of the products is relatively    very high and the price is    comparatively low thus making it a good business sense to purchase from India

Do you supply products other than those on your product list ?
The product-list supplied here is only partial. We will endeavour to supply any item requested. Please make an enquiry and we will respond promptly to your request.

Where can you deliver to ?
We can deliver to all countries in the world including the countries you intend to re-export to. We are flexible in terms of delivery. You can either arrange your own collection or we can deliver the products to your nominated Air Freight forwarders.

How long are your expiry dates ?
We conduct stringent expiry date checking procedures to ensure that all our stocks or new orders have at least 12 months expiry date on them. However, if you specify your minimum date requirements at the time of placing the order and we will do our best endeavour to comply with your specifications.

Where is your storage facility and how large is it ?
We have our storage facility in Mumbai. The infrastructure is approximately 1500 sq. feet. (140 sq. metres).

What are the payment terms ?
Our payment terms for are strictly by Full Payment in Advance prior to collection. For customers whom we have a long-term relationship with, we do consider Letter of Credit.

There are few great reasons to do business with us:

- We are a well reputed organisation in India with over 50 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
- We guarantee our sources are genuine and we will meet your quality requirements.
- We have a very wide network / connections in India and can source most of your requirements at the most competitive rates.
- Our services from sales to delivery are prompt, professional and reliable. You wouldn't have a reason to complain.

Reach Us
If you have any questions or queries OR would like to get a quote on any of your requirements please contact us. We look forward to doing business with you and develop a long term partnership.